Laundry 101

My life unfolds as I

fold their clothes.

Over and over I

bend and snap and

lie gently down.

Over and over my

hands finger their

coverings, embrace.

The legs grow longer,

the socks scurry big until

layers are not small


Snaps give way to

buttons and I could

cry over those buttons.

Over and over I

attend to material

longing for kind hearts,

their souls to swell.

Over and over until

my hands automatic,

unkempt, fast, may miss

the glory of this bow.

My heart grows as piles

mount like dreams,

tipsy and colorful,

fresh and plush.

Over and over my

arms are full of Them,

of spills and falls and

accidents undone.

Of help me and uh oh,

of good morning and

night night.

My life unfolds in

small moments and

quiet honors.

My life folds in to

Grace and Now, the

bend and snap and

lift of wonder.


One thought on “Laundry 101

  1. This is just beautiful. Such a gentle reminder that there is goodness in those laundry hours. I’m a new mom and my friend Ruth Kaiser sent me a link to your blog to check out. So glad I did. Thank you!

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